Eva Dinkel

Eva Dinkel

(PhD candidate)

Technische Universität Berlin


Starting date: 1st March 2016

Supervisor: Dr. Traugott Scheytt (TUB)

Project: Highly efficient use of geothermal energy: Integralsonde II

Our project "Highly-efficient use of shallow geothermal energy - Integralsonde II" focusses on the impact of shallow geothermal energy systems on groundwater quality. We monitor currently three sites in Berlin to investigate the impact and sustainability of groundwater circulation wells. This new energy system can provide heating and cooling to buildings and is a base load renewable energy system. We would like to give recommendations to users, investors and authorities where this energy system can be applied. Therefore we monitor the operational data of the groundwater circulation wells in a high frequency as well as the hydrochemical and microbiological changes around the well. We would like to improve the system to lower the costs for energy production. Our experiences could help to gain trust in geothermal energy systems in public and provide a sustainable energy source for heating and cooling.