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Geo.X Joint Labs

Geo.X provides the framework for the joint operation of the scientific infrastructure. The Joint Labs are a pilot project to provide scientists with easier access to the laboratory infrastructure in the network. Further information on the laboratories is available at LabInfrastructure@Geo.X.

High Pressure Laboratory for Geoscience

The High Pressure Laboratory for Geosciences, jointly operated by the University of Potsdam and the GFZ, is equipped with an internally heated pressure vessel (IHPV) that allows experiments under high pressure and temperature conditions. Conducting experiments under such controlled pressure and temperature conditions allows the study of magmatic processes in the Earth's crust or upper mantle as well as the synthesis of high-pressure materials.

Contact person:Dr. Melanie Sieber

Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL)

DLR's Planetary Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL) provides spectral measurements in reflection, transmission and emission of terrestrial materials, meteorites, synthetic samples as well as technical materials like e.g. coatings from the ultra-violet to the far-infrared range. Measurements can be performed under atmosphere and vacuum over a wide temperature range (-100°C – 600°C).

Contact person:Alessandro Maturilli