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Use the following form to apply for an
NFDI4Earth Educational Pilot

Application Form (NFDI4Earth Educational Pilots)

(1) Description of the NFDI4Earth Educational Pilot
Please upload the Educational Pilot proposal as a PDF document (max. 2 pages, max. 4 MB)
(2) Personal information of the Educational Pilot's coordinator
(3) Involved partners
Please provide information on further partners of your proposed Educational Pilot (if more than one person or one institution is involved)
(4) Declaration and submission
I hereby declare that the given information is correct and true and that Geo.X and NFDI4Earth are allowed to store the data for purposes of the application process.

We agree to an open review process and that all submitted descriptions may be published on the web. We also acknowledge that this submission does not guarantee any funding.

Please be patient and click only once. The upload may take some minutes.