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Section 3.1 seminar talk by Dr. I. Tonguc Uysal: "Late Quaternary and historical CO2 outburst cycles in relation to seismicity and climate changes"

  Scientific Talks

Date: Friday, 10th of May 2019, 11.00 am

Location:GFZ Potsdam, Telegrafenberg, House H, VR2/3

Host:Dr. Christof Kusebauch, Scientist at Section 3.1: "Inorganic and Isotope Geochemistry", Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Speaker:I. Tonguç Uysal, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at the Division of Earth Science and Resource Engineering, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO, Perth, Australia

Tonguç is currently visiting the GFZ to work with J. Glodny and sits in Room B122.