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Geo.X is the geoscientific competence network in Berlin and Potsdam. The network integrates universities and non-university research institutions. Geo.X partners are committed to a close cooperation in research, teaching, sharing joint infrastructure, internationalization and knowledge transfer.
Funded by the Helmholtz Association.

LI@Geo.X - Geo.X Laboratory Infrastructure Search

LI@Geo.X is a search portal that provides information on the laboratory infrastructure of the network partners and thus offers support to scientists in planning and implementing their research projects. LI@Geo.X is an ongoing cooperation project with new entries being continuously added. Visit and explore the portal! 

Scientific talks

Date: Thursday 20th January, 15:00pm

Paper: Christian Haas (AWI): Can sea ice still be saved? Sea ice tipping points in the Arctic and Antarcticn


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Date: 24th January 2022

Speaker: Dr. Flavio D'Abramo, MPIWG Berlin

Venue: Online via zoom, access upon registration

Host: Dr. Theresa Frommen on...

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Date: Thursday 27th January, 13:00pm

Paper: Judith Hauck (AWI)
Tipping points in Biogeochemistry

Venue: Online via Webex, access details below


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Date: Thursday 10th February, 15:00pm

Paper: Jan-Claas Dajka (HIFMB)
How missing social-ecological feedbacks can drive tipping points: a case study on...

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Workshops & Events

Date: 8th and 15th February 2022

Speaker: Dr. Maria Kokh

Venue:University of Potsdam, Access upon Registration



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Date:Friday 11th February, 2-3pm

Speaker: Victoria Luh, Research Associate in the group Social transformation and Policy Advice in Lusatia, IASS...

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Date:13th - 15th June 2022

Venue:Science Park Albert Einstein / Telegrafenberg Potsdam; Building H

Host: GFZ German Research Centre for...

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