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Welcome to the Early Career Scientist Section (ECS)

We are the network for doctoral candidates and postdocs working in the field of Earth sciences and related research disciplines within Geo.X. With this section we want to provide a platform for you

  • to create networking opportunities amongst young geoscientists in Berlin and Potsdam
  • to foster the exchange across all Geo.X partner institutions
  • to discuss current issues of geoscientific research and related fields
  • to provide an opportunity to present and discuss your projects
  • to distribute interesting and informative content 

The ECS-Section lives by the particpation and engagement of every early career researcher who brings ideas and questions into the network, or who wants to organize events that help to advance early stage scientific careers. 

There are various ways of getting involved! 

If you have ideas, questions or any remarks, please contact the core team at We are happy to hear from you!

For informal peer communication we have a slack channel, please send an request to access to

More career related info can be found at our newly set up Linkedin page: 

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Past Events



  • 14.07.2023: Geo.X & IUGG Early Career Scientists Summer meeting at Geodätenstand, TU Berlin Program

  • 16.05.2023: Workshop "AI startups in Geosciences" together with the K.I.E.Z. initative Program

  • 12.-15.10.2022: Geo.X Science Retreat at Waldhotel Schöckwitz Program

  • 19.04.2022: Workshop on Data Publication. Invited speakers: Felix Nieberding, Julian Koch, Inge Wiekenkamp

  • 16.12.2021: SciComLab #4: From Lascaux to Potsdam - using cartoons to communicate discoveries led by Gautier Nicoli, PostDoc @Universität Potsdam

  • 28.10.2021: SciComLab #3: Using PodCasts in geoscience communication - Lessons from GneissChats led by Vitor Barrote, PostDoc @FU Berlin

  • 09.09.2021: SciComLab #2: Promoting the visibility of women in science: Soapbox Science Berlin 2021 led by Valby van Schijndel, Postdoc @Universität Potsdam

  • 12.08.2021:SciComLab #1: Building your own website: easy steps towards your digital portfolio led by Simeon Lisovski, Postdoc @AWI and Geo.X Young Academy Fellow

  • 13.04.2021: Workshop on how to prepare for Online conferences 2021. Invited speakers: Peter van der Beek (Universität Potsdam), Michael Dietze (GFZ), Valby van Schindel (Universität Potsdam), Anne Schöpa (GFZ).

  • 18.09.2020: Online Seminar on data publication in the Earth Sciences Presentation by Andreas Hübner, FID Geo

  • 21.01.2020: Workshop on how to design a good scientific poster.

  • 14.10.2019: Field trip to the "Müggelberge" with a focus on glacial geomorphology of the Berlin/Brandenburg region, led by Jacob Hardt, PostDoc @FU Berlin.

  • 12.07.2019: Summer workshop on science communication. Invited speakers: Emanuel Wyler (Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine) and Katrin Voland (Natural History Museum Berlin).

  • 14.06.2019: Workshop "Applying for a DFG grant", led by Dirk Wenske (FU Berlin).

  • 31.01.2019: Workshop on self-presentation techniques with Improv Theater Coaches.

  • 05.07.2018: Workshop "What's next, Doc?" on funding opportunites for PostDocs, led by Dirk Wenske (FU Berlin).

  • 15.02.2018: Kick-off meeting




ECS Representatives 2021 - 2023

Dr. Melanie Sieber

Postdoc @GFZ and @Uni Potsdam

Many young scientists may face similar challenges, such as applying for funding or stress and anxiety generated by the ‘publish or perish’ culture. Therefore, knowing where and how to get support is essential, in particular, for Early Career Scientists (ECS).

As an ECS Representative, I would like to build an active network and platform for young scientist to provide them with all information needed to develop and reach their scientific and personal goals. This can be achieved by organizing career developing workshops on e.g. funding-opportunities, science communication (paper-writing, oral-presentations, media-outreach) and newsletters.

Furthermore, I would agitate for counseling support and regular, informal get-together to establish a welcoming environment for young scientists across and within the Geo.X institutes.

Dr. Simeon Lisovski

Postdoc & YA Fellow @AWI

The Geo.X Network provides fantastic opportunities for us as scientists with interests in interdisciplinary research, especially for us Early Career folks. However, speaking for myself, I am often hesitant to participate in additional workshops, talk series etc. that will “steal” precious time that we urgently need for our own research and to push our careers. This can change!

As one of your representatives, I want to make sure that the ECS section will develop into a more prominent part of the network, focusing on the exchange and support of high-quality interdisciplinary science. For example, let us make use of our own collaborative networks across the world and establish an inspiring and valuable ECS Talk Series. I would also like to foster stronger connections between PhD’s and PostDoc’s. Let us talk more regularly about our projects (in whatever phase they are) to receive and provide insights from across disciplines. These are just two ideas with the potential to make the Geo.X ECS section more visible and valuable within and across the network and to shape a community that will benefit us as early career researchers.

Lot’s can be done. Let’s tackle it ;-)

The ECS Core Team

The core team consists of interested early career researchers, who want to work on the strategic and operational development of the section. The ECS Section is supported by Dr. Jacob Hardt, the Geo.X coordinator of FU Berlin, and Jonas Kuppler, coordinator for the Geo.X Head Office.  

Rutu Parekh
Shrishail Raut PhD @GFZ & @TU
Valby van Schijndel
Valby van Schijndel Postdoc @GFZ
Inge Wiekenkamp
Inge Wiekenkamp Postdoc @GFZ
Jacob Hardt
Jacob Hardt Geo.X coordinator @FU