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Dr. Willi Rath (GEOMAR Kiel): "Towards Efficient & Reproducible Science"

  Scientific Talks

Date: 20.12.2017; 9:30 p.m.

Place: Telegrafenberg Potsdam, Building H,lecture room 1

Host: Dr. Björn Guse & Knut Günther (GFZ section 5.4 Hydrology)

Do you spend your working time with scientific computing, coding and/or working with time series or large data sets?
Do you think reproducibility is an important topic in this context?
Do you prefer learning by examples in man pages?

Then, we like to invite you to a talk on that.

At Wednesday 20th December Dr. Willi Rath from GEOMAR (Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel) will exemplary present their way to solve this problem consistently for the GEOMAR.


“Towards Efficient & Reproducible Science”
by Dr. Willi Rath (GEOMAR Kiel)


When + Where
20.12.2017 9:30 a.m.
Telegrafenberg Potsdam, Building H,lecture room 1


“This presentation is about the every-day benefits of reproducible science: making the scientific workflow more efficient by facilitating communication and collaboration between individual scientists or among small groups.  This is often overlooked as scientists are more and more forced to enact reproducibility by a growing public debate on the “reproducibilty crisis”, by journals demanding data published along with the manuscript, or by funding agencies more vigorously enforcing open-data policies.

After demonstrating how reproducibility is often undermined, the talk seeks to provide a simple framework for assessing the reproducibility of scientific workflows and to give an overview of existing building blocks for reproducible science at GEOMAR and beyond.

This talks addresses scientists at any stage in their career and in any organisational role, and is also suited for students and technical support staff.”

Dr. Björn Guse
Knut Günther