2022 INTIMATE Lecture Series: Marine records

  Scientific Talks

Date: Thursday, 28th April 2022, 11:00 a.m.

Venue:Online via zoom, access upon request

Hosts: Cécile Blanchet, Rebecca Kearney, Dirk Sachse (all...

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Geo.X ECS Workshop: “Data Publications”


Date: Tuesday 19th April 2022, 10am-11:30am

Venue: Online via zoom, access upon registration

Host:Dr. Melanie Sieber (UP/GFZ)

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Geomicrobiological and Geochemical Colloquium - talk by Dr. Mina Bizic: Microbial succession on sinking OM particles - Does carbon quality really matter?

  Scientific Talks

Date: Tuesday, 12th April 2022, 3:00 p.m.

Venue: Talks will be held in person if possible, otherwise via Zoom.

Hosts: Prof. Dr. Liane G. Benning,...

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Online-Seminar "Water in the Earth" by Dr. Wenzhong Wang


Date: Friday, 8th April 2022 at 2:15pm

Speaker:  Dr. Wenzhong Wang, Earth and Planets Laboratory, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Venue: Online...

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Workshop on "Analysis of Earth-science data: getting it right by keeping it real"


Date: 6th - 8th April 2022

Venue:FU Berlin, Campus Lankwitz

Contact Person: Juliane Rohlmann (



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