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The NFDI4Earth Academy (formerly known as Geo.DataScience)

The topic Geo.Data Science is embedded in the NFDI4Earth Academy, an exciting joint venture of Geo.X and the research networks Geoverbund ABC/J and the Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung (DAM) in the framework of NFDI4Earth.

This unique partnership provides the NFDI4Earth Academy with the needed blend of expertise in geoscience, data science as well as environmental science to offer a rich, inspiring, and diverse setting for interdisciplinary research, exploring and integrating new methods and connecting with like-minded scientists to learn from each other and creating new ideas. Further, it allows us to organize various courses and events that cover topics such as Machine Learning, coding, research data management, metadata standards, and open and collaborative science. Additionally, the Academy provides networking and community-building spaces where researchers can connect with their peers, share their experiences, and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects.

More information on the Academy, the events and our fellows can be found on the NFDI4Earth-homepage: https://www.nfdi4earth.de/2participate/academy