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GeoMod 2014

  Dates & Events

1-5 September 2014 in the Potsdam-Berlin area


The upcoming GeoMod conference - a biennial meeting for modellers in (solid earth) geoscience - will take place from 31 August - 5 September 2014 at GFZ Potsdam.

  • Registration and ice breaker: 31 August
  • Conference: 1 - 3 September
  • Post-conference short course / workshop: 4-5 September

Scientific board:

  • Onno Oncken (GFZ section 3.1, Lithosphere Dynamics)
  • Stephan Sobolev (GFZ section 2.5, Geodynamic Modelling)
  • Georg Dresen (GFZ section 3.2, Geomechanics and Rheology)

Organization: Kirsten Elger, Matthias Rosenau, Franziska Alberg; GFZ Potsdam section 3.1

Contact: geomod (at)



Programme outline - Sessions and conveners:

  • Fluids and deformation - Stephen Miller (U. Bonn)
  • Volcanotectonics - Olivier Galland (UiO), Eleonora Rivalta (GFZ)
  • Geodynamics - Francesca Funiciello (U. Roma Tre), Stephan Sobolev (GFZ)
  • Rheology - Janos Urai (RWTH Aachen), Georg Dresen (GFZ)
  • (Seismo) tectonics - Boris Kaus (U. Mainz), Onno Oncken (GFZ)
  • Tectonics and surface processes - Fabien Graveleau (U. Lille), Niels Hovius (GFZ)


GeoMod is a biennial international conference dedicated to modelling in Geosciences. It started in 2002 in Milan as RealMod2002, then moved to Lucerne (GeoMod2004), Florence (2008), Lisbon (2010) and Lausanne (2012). The main objectives are to present the latest results of analogue, analytical and numerical modelling of lithospheric deformation.

At GeoMod2014 we will focus on rheology and deformation at a wide range of temporal and spatial scales - from earthquakes to long term deformation, from microstructures to orogens and subduction systems. Volcanotectonics and the interaction between tectonics and surface processes will be represented. This year's conference will not be followed by a field trip, but by a short course on "constitutive laws: from observation to implementation in models" (lectures, lab visits and practical exercises).