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Interdisciplinary Mission

Geo.X creates a cohort of junior researchers pursue research together in an interdisciplinary context. The overlap between the methodological field of Data Science and the geoscientific research topics of Geo.X is the focus of this first cohort and bridges the gap to other scientific disciplines.

Geo.X will train a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists with skills in mathematics, computer sciences, geosciences, and other related disciplines. We focus on geoscientific challenges tackled by data science as a methodological core of all open positions. Such data science methods are ubiquitous in geoscientific research, whether data is measured by scientists, created by models, or collected by citizens. By combining such data in interdisciplinary projects as intended in Geo.X, geoscience will improve insight into the system Earth and its relation to human habitat. Traditional data science methods have limitations to analyse heterogeneous, complex, and large data sets from various sources. Geo Data Science addresses these challenges. It aims at developing novel approaches for advanced data analysis at the intersection of mathematics and computer science with geosciences and other disciplines. The vision of the Geo.X network is to develop innovative concepts and methods that harness the potential of interdisciplinary data analysis and thus connect diverse disciplines in the network.

"Geo Data Science"