Developing agent based model to predict shrinkage and expansion of slum in Lagos Megacity

Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Tobia Lakes (HU) and Dr. Marion Stellmes (FU)

Project Outline

The negativity attributed to slums development shows the need to reduce its growth, especially in the global south, where the future population growth is expected to take place, which currently houses more than 50% of the city’s population. Lagos, a megacity in Nigeria falls under the aforementioned categories,  as over 65% of the population resides in slum and may likely increase as there is correlation between slum and population growth in the city. However, there are limited studies on slum pattern in Lagos, especially in the application of land use models to study slum dynamics in the city. This study aims to contribute by developing an agent based model to predict shrinkage and expansion of slums in Lagos.

Story map on slum management: Include Me, Don’t Force Me Out


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