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Career Development Programme

Promoting young talents and innovation is a central element of interinstitutional and interdisciplinary collaboration. Within the Geo.X Young Academy we train a new generation of young scientists with cross-disciplinary competences. The corresponding career development programme systematically covers interinstitutional collaborations, interdisciplinary supervision, and scientific training components. In addition, an innovation forum offers young scientists the opportunity to further develop their research results, making them available to the economy, the public sector and society.

Career Development Program

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Accompanying Research

Geo.X activities are accompanied by a prospective longitudinal study on retention factors and obstacles for career development of early career scientists in Berlin and Potsdam.

The study addresses the following research questions:

  • How  do career-related 
decisions develop over time?
  • How do executives and their 
leadership behavior contribute 
to individual career development?
  • How do gender and cultural 
aspects moderate these processes?
  • Which measures significantly 
contribute to stable inter-disciplinary networking?

Results of the accompanying research study will support the implementation of equal opportunities for female and male scientists and a strong career orientation within the Geo.X network. New insights into challenges in career development of early career scientists, especially in the context of interdisciplinary research teams, are expected. On the basis of the results, recommendations for action will be developed.