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WG Hydrogeology



Prof. Dr. Michael Kühn, GFZ, Section 3.4

Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider, Institute of Geological Sciences

Current information

The annual Day of Hydrogeology at the beginning of the winter semester is this year postponed to the summer semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As soon as possible the new date will be posted here.


Groundwater is an important component of the water cycle, which is controlled and influenced by a variety of processes. The underground circulation systems of groundwater have a difficult-to-understand complexity because they are not directly accessible. The collection and description of groundwater systems and their replication in experiments and models therefore represents a particular challenge for scientific research. This includes the scientific characterization of factors and processes that influence the quality and quantity of groundwater, as well as their development in space and time. The aim of the working group Hydrogeology is to bundle, create and promote offers that go beyond the offers of the individual participating universities, especially in the area of ​​teaching for students and young scientists of the Berlin-Potsdam region.