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WG Geoeducation

The Workgroup GeoEd-BB fosters an increasing engagement in Earth Science Education and the development of new Earth science related teaching and learning materials as well of innovative concepts for teacher education. GeoEd-BB aims towards establishing a regional center of competence that is focused on new mitigation and communication concepts for Earth science issues targeting school and out-of-school education.

The overall goal is to merge competencies and expertise from the natural sciences, education sciences as well as from practitioners (teachers, interpreters and others). This will allow to strengthen the position of Earth sciences in schools and to highlight the relevance of Earth science for society – especially in respect to global sustainability. GeoEd-BB will initiate a lasting knowledge transfer between all sciences related to System Earth and neighboring sciences as well as other functional systems of society. The participating natural sciences, the education scientists as well as communication specialists will gain new insights and ideas for the development of their fields of expertise by cooperating with each other. This demands for strong and efficient communication and feedback routines that will be developed within GeoEd-BB. Thus, the dialogue between natural sciences, education science and communication sciences will the intensified.

  • The Workgroup GeoEd-BB has identified the need for action within the participating functional systems with a strong focus on:
  • Building an online forum to give related existing projects and programs focused on teaching and learning a broader audience
  • Developing teaching and learning materials that follow modern educational principals and that are freely accessible for teachers and educators (OER-concept)
  • Conceptualizing training courses for teachers and educators together with schools and out-of-school education venues such as museums, national parks and others
  • Merging education, research and communication projects and concepts synergies in Earth science outreach
  • Establishing a contact point within the intersection of science, education and politics

GeoEd-BB, which had its kick-off in March 2016 at the first Workgroup meeting, invites all interested persons and organizations from Potsdam and Berlin area to become active members.

GeoEd-BB is based on the GeoEd-initiative, which is currently led by the Department of Earth and Environmental sciences at the University of Potsdam. Additional founding partners were Geounion Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung and IASS Potsdam.


Dr. Simon Schneider
GeoEd - Mehr Geowissen in der Bildung
c/o Universität Potsdam
Institut für Erd- und Umweltwissenschaften
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 24-25, Haus 27
14476 Potsdam
phone: 0049 331 977 5789