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1st SULU Workshop "Green's Function Workshop: The Fomosto Tool and Synthetic Seismogram Web Services"

When:  on 8 November 2013

Many geophysical methods require knowledge of Green’s functions in dependance of ranges of source and receiver coordinates. Examples range from synthetic seismogram generation over source imaging techniques to source inversion methods. Calculation of Green’s functions is a computationally expensive operation and it can be of advantage to calculate them in advance. The same Green’s function traces can then be reused several or many times as required in a typical application.

Regarding Green’s function computation as an independent step in a use-case’s processing chain encourages to store these in an application independant form. They can then immediatly be reused when new data is to be processed, they can be shared between different applications and they can also be passed to other researchers, allowing them to focus on their own application and relieving them from spending a lot of effort to get their Green’s function setup ready.

Furthermore, it is useful to store associated meta information, like e.g. travel time tables for seismic phases and the earth model used, together with the Green’s function in order to have a complete and consistent framework to play with.

Section 2.1 is currently working on

  • a flexible framework to store and work with pre-calculated Green's functions and associated meta information,
  • a powerful front-end tool to create, inspect and manipulate Green's funcion stores,
  • an exchange platform for pre-calculated Green's functions,
  • a synthetic seismogram web service.

In this workshop we will show how these new tools simplify the task of Green's function creation and management and can discuss about their further improvement.