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Geo.X Grow Your Idea Workshop on "Mercury Laboratory Workshop 2024"


Date: 16-18 September 2024

Venue: DLR, Berlin-Adlershof

Contact Person: Océane Barraud

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the following Geo.X Grow Your Idea workshop:

Mercury Laboratory Workshop 2024
Ten years after the end of the MESSENGER mission, the BepiColombo era is about to begin, bringing us a wealth of new data to investigate. Laboratory experiments are needed to interpret the new observations and elucidate Mercury's mysteries. The aim of the workshop is to bring together the scientific community from different institutions to:

  • present laboratories, experiments and ongoing work on Mercury analogues,
  • discuss Mercury surface composition studies (from MESSENGER to BepiColombo),
  • design a plan of experiments on common samples,
  • prepare for the BepiColombo observations.

When: 16-18 September 2024, 9am - 5pm
Where: DLR, Institute of Planetary Research
Rutherfordstr. 2, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof
Registration fee: none, but registration is required:

The meeting is organized by Océane Barraud (DLR Berlin), Solmaz Adeli (DLR Berlin), Jörn Helbert (DLR Berlin) with the participation of Tanja Michalik (MfN Berlin) under the Geo.X umbrella.

The workshop has been selected in the Geo.X Grow Your Idea Call 2024 and is structured around 4 main themes for discussion:

  1. Experimental petrology, analogs studies (e.g. geochemistry, physical properties), and spectroscopy.
  2. Sputtering, irradiation and all other interactions with solar wind.
  3. Cratering and regolith formation processes (including micrometeoroid impacts, impact gardening and thermal weathering).
  4. Degassing processes and volatile-rock interactions.

If you are interested in actively participating in the workshop, please submit an abstract (deadline: July 15th) or register online (deadline: August 15th):

We are looking forward to exchanging ideas at the workshop in September!

Océane Barraud, Solmaz Adeli and Jörn Helbert