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Talk by Nikita Demidov: “Where to look for life on Mars? The view from terrestrial cryobiosphere”

  Scientific Talks

Date: Tuesday, 26th of November 2019, 2:00 p.m.

Venue: German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Planetary Research, lecture hall
Rutherfordstraße 2, 12489 Berlin

Host: Prof. Dr. Heike Rauer, Head of Planetary Research, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Speaker: Dr. Nikita E. Demidov, Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Dr. Demidov is sponsored by a Geo.X fellowship. Everybody interested is invited to join!

The talk will summarize present state understanding of conditions in different Martian ecological niches and their analogs on Earth. Speaking about the search for terrestrial-like life based on H2O, Mars may be divided on five ecological niches according to presence and state of water: permanent polar caps, dry regolith, subpermafrost aquifers, cryopegs and ice containing regolith. Basic limiting factors for the search of life in this econiches are: absence of water (dry regolith), depth of burial (cryopegs and subpermafrost aquifers), age (ice containing permafrost and polar caps). High priority targets for the search of life on Mars are represented by permanently frozen deposits of young polar volcanoes and ice in pingos. During volcanic eruptions and ground water seepage microorganisms from subpermafrost aquifers could propagate to the surface and survive in permafrost or ice for million years, as it is known to happen on Earth.