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Smurf seminar talk by Antonella Galetto: “Late Cretaceous-Paleogene exhumation history of the Southern Central Andes (36°-37°SL). Insights from low-T thermochronology studies of the Domuyo area, Argentina”

  Scientific Talks

Date: Thursday, 14th of November 2019, 2:00 p.m.

Venue: University of Potsdam, Campus Golm, House 27, Room 2.24 (second floor)

Host: Dr. Simon Schneider, Earth and Environmental Systems, University of Potsdam

Speaker: Dr. Antonella Tamara Galetto, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Dr. Galetto is an invited guest. Her trip is financed by Geo.X - Research Network for Geosciences in Berlin and Potsdam. All people interested are invited!