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Seminar-Programm zur Meteoriten- und Impaktforschung, MfN, WS2016/2017

  Seminars & Colloquia

Termine Seminar für Meteoriten- und Impaktforschung WS 2016/2017

All talks will take place in:

Museum für Naturkunde
Hörsaal HS8 in the Nordbau (North Facility)

Wednesdays, at 11:00 a.m.


For further information, please contact Dr. Kai Wünnemann (


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19.10.2016| Julien Mureau (University of Helsinki, Finland):
“Shock-darkening in ordinary chondrites - Act One: a mesoscale approach“

26.10.2016| Ulli Raschke (MfN):
The El'gygytgyn impact structure, Siberia: Impactites from a midsize impact structure in volcanic target rocks“ (Doktorandenseminar)

27.10.2016| Astrid Kowitz (MfN):
Microdeformation in quartz experimentally shocked (Donnerstag) at low shock pressures – the effect of porosity and water saturation“ (Doktorandenseminar)

02.11.2016| Michael Poelchau (Universität Freiburg):
First results from IODP Expedition 364 - Chicxulub K-Pg Impact Crater"

09.11.2016| To be determined

16.11.2016| Christoph Burkhardt (WWU Münster):
“Earthly consequences of heavenly anomalies - Meteorites and the composition of the Earth"

23.11.2016| Susann Siegert (MfN):
“Geochemical stratigraphy of Ries suevite: Implications for suevite genesis” (Doktorandenseminar)

30.11.2016| Armin Zeh (KIT):
“Petrogenetische Bedeutung von HFSE-Mineralen (Zirkon & Rutil) im Bushveld Complex, Südafrika”

07.12.2016|To be determined

14.12.2016| Ilya Veksler (GFZ):
„The Fenner trend of magma evolution in mafic layered intrusions “

21.12.2016|To be determined


- Weihnachtsferien -


11.01.2017, 14:00 Uhr| Marian Holness (University of Cambridge):
“Seeing, not looking: petrographic decoding of gabbros”

18.01.2017| Katarina Miljkovic (Curtin University):
“New views of the Moon and lunar impact basin after the GRAIL mission”

25.01.2017| Patrice Zaag (MfN):
“The Cerro do Jarau structure in southern Brazil, finally confirmed as an impact crater?“

01.02.2017| Auriol Rae (Imperial College London):
”Complex Crater Formation: Insights from combining shock barometry with numerical models at the Clearwater Lake impact structures“

08.02.2017| Dominik Hezel (Uni Köln):
“A big message from small grains: Using meteorites to reconstruct the evolution of the early Solar System" (Doktorandenseminar)

15.02.2017| (2 short presentations)
Juliane Engelmann (MfN/FU):
“Numerical Modelling of Meteorite Impact Ejection Processes - Implications for Material Loss on Itokawa (25143)-like Asteroids“
Patrick Köster (MfN/FU):
“Numerical modelling of the Formation of the Gravity Anomaly at the Araguainha Impact Crater, Brazil“