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IASS Workshop: Climate Change and the Politics of Disinformation


Date: 19th of August 2019, 9:30 am

Venue: Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Berliner Str. 130, 14467 Potsdam, Germany

Host: Dr. Dorota Stasiak, Research Group Leader "Co-Creation and Contemporary Policy Advice", IASS Potsdam

Registration Deadline: 8th of August 2019

As the evidence for disruptive climate change has mounted over the last decades, organized attacks on climate science have grown, along with the production of large volumes of disinformation that has discouraged more decisive political action. This workshop examines the organization and the political aims of these attacks, the role of social and conventional media in their spread, and the importance of radical right movements and parties in providing visible public support. A primary goal is to draw lessons for improving the clarity, public reach, and policy impact of science communication.

Speakers will examine the social, psychological, political, and communication aspects of campaigns against science in order to explain how public doubt and political resistance are constructed, and to understand the impact on policy processes. Participants in the workshop will join breakout sessions with each speaker following the talks for open discussion and exploration of future research and action agendas.

The workshop is open to 30-40 participants from IASS, from the Summer School, and from the Berlin-Potsdam scientific community. The format is designed to promote interaction among these participants, with the aim of networking researchers and policy advocates to better address the challenges to science-based policy making.

Please register via the conference website: