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12. November 2015: Tour Stop Berlin - LocationTech meets Code for Germany and Friends

  Dates & Events

Thursday, November 12,

Wikimedia Deutschland, Tempelhofer Ufer 23/24, Berlin

18:30-21:30 (CET)

The Tour is a federated series of global events featuring the best in open source geospatial technology and open data initiatives.

Berlin's meetup will feature a series of short talks, complementary drinks, camaraderie, and learning.

The agenda features the following speakers and topics:

18:30 - Get together
19:00 - Andrea Ross: A brief welcome
19:15 - Julia Kloiber: Code for Germany and Civic Tech
19:30 - Jochen Klar: Berlin Lab, B├╝rgerbautStadt, Kiez-Karte and Oparl
19:45 - Richard Gevers: Open Data Durban, Code for Africa
20:00 - Steve Gifford: Serious Geospatial Apps with an Open Source Toolkit
20:30 - ... 20:00 - Drink-up