GeoSim Career Support

GeoSim will support its outstanding members with a fellowship of up to 12 months in order to increase their future career opportunities. The fellowship amounts to 1500 Euro per month, 100 Euro travel expenses per month, possibly supplied with family support under the same conditions as the GeoSim PhD fellowship. The time period of 3 - 12 months is intended for preparation of a scientific proposal (e.g. DFG, BMBF, etc.).

From 16.01.2017 onward individual applications will not be evaluated separately but will collected until three deadlines in 2017:

1st application date: Monday, 17.04.2017, noon

2nd application date: Monday, 26.06.2017, noon

3rd application date: Sunday, 17.09.2017, noon

GeoSim students whose scholarship terminates after January 2018 (including a possible 3 month contract extension for thesis finalization) will receive individual evaluation but have to state their plan to apply for career support already by the first application date (informal mail to the GeoSim coordinator:

The GeoSim Selection Committee and the GeoSim Executive Board will then evaluate all applications from one application date comprehensively. Decisions on the applications will be made based on a careful evaluation of the scientific activities of the fellow as well as her/his scientific plan. The scholarships will be awarded based on a ranking. Therefore, the individual candidates might get a shorter scholarship period than initially requested. This procedure aims to make the maximum use of all still available GeoSim budget but guarantee a fair treatment at the same time.

Formal requirements:

  • GeoSim member (both fellows and members with external financing).
  • PhD thesis submitted to the university or submission in immediate vicinity (e.g. less than 2.5 months or max. 3 months for the 3rd application round).
  • Strong scientific record.
  • The student did not receive GeoSim Career support before or did not apply for GeoSim Career support before and was rejected.
  • GeoSim Career support is designed to provide funding directly after the PhD. Thus candidates who already worked as a Postdoc or in the industry will not be accepted. In doubt, please contact the GeoSim coordinator.

Required documents:

  • Confirmation of the submission of the PhD thesis to the university (if thesis already submitted) OR letter from first supervisor, confirming the feasibility of the intended submission date.
  • Project plan (scientific objective, significance, methods; maximum 1 page) including information about the intended funding agency/program.
  • Time plan and requested period (3 to 12 months).
  • CV (including all scientific activities e.g. publications, oral and poster presentations, teaching experience, etc.).
  • Letter of recommendation from first supervisor.