The GEOSIM Education Program

Mathematical modeling, computational and physical simulation take the central position in the GEOSIM education program. Ph.D. students from both geosciences and mathematics & informatics will cooperate closely on joint projects. Because of this, the curriculum consists of (mandatory) fundamental courses and summer schools which will allow the students to develop problem understanding beyond the scope of their own scientific discipline, as well as advanced courses that will guide the students towards the core scientific issues in the scope of the School as well as in their respective research projects. The course program is in English.

The monthly seminar series provides the occasion to regularly meet and discuss, while students present their work during the annual workshop.

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Active students

Student representative

2016 and 2017: Felix Hoffmann (formerly Eckelmann), GFZ 4.1 Lithosphere Dynamics

2015: Ariane Papke, FU Mathematics

2013-2014: Juliane Dannberg, GFZ 2.5 Geodynamic Modelling

2011-2012: Jana de Wiljes, FU Mathematics


Seminar committee 2016

Tobias Pilz (UP Hydrology) and Christopher Pütz (FUB Mathematics), Johannes Wagner (GFZ 3.3) and Ariane Papke (FUB Mathematics)

Workshop committee 2016

Stefan Mauerberger (UP Mathematics), Anthony Osei Tutu (GFZ 2.5) and Felix Eckelmann (GFZ 4.1)


Seminar committee 2015

Jorge Bernales and Christopher Irrgang (GFZ Section 1.3), Stefan Mauerberger (UP Mathematics) and Lisa Schielicke (FU Meteorology)

Workshop committee 2015

Felix Eckelmann and Malte Ritter (GFZ 3.1 Lithosphere Dynamics), Sylvia Rockel (FU Mathematics) and Johannes Wagner (GFZ Atomic Scale Geomaterials Modelling)


Seminar committee 2014

Stefan Mauerberger (UP Mathematics), Edoardo Mazza and Tobias Spiegl (FU Meteorology), Johannes Wagner (GFZ Atomic Scale Geomaterials Modelling)

Workshop committee 2014

Nawinda Chutsagulprom (UP Mathematics), Annabel Händel (UP Geophysics), Malte Ritter (GFZ 3.1 Lithosphere Dynamics), Stefan Rüdrich (FU Mathematics)


Seminar committee 2013

Camilla Cattania, GFZ 2.1; Elvira Mulyukova, GFZ 2.5; Juliane Dannberg, GFZ 2.5; Nico Becker, FU Meteorology

Workshop committee 2013

Ariane Papke, Sylvia Rockel and Stefan Rüdrich, FU Mathematics; Sanjay Singh Bora and Annabel Händel, UP Geophysics; Felix Eckelmann, GFZ 3.1


Workshop committee 2012

Catherine Abon, UP Hydrology; Walter Acevedo, FU Meteorology; Juliane Dannberg, GFZ 2.5; Klaas Vormoor, UP Hydrology; Natalia Zamora, GFZ 2.5