The research school is overseen by an advisory board composed of the Board of Trustees of the Geo.X network.

The operational and general scientific management of the school are organized under the responsibility of the executive board, which will:

  • define the scientific program of the school;
  • coordinate activities and resources of the participating institutions in the context of the school;
  • coordinate and prepare scientific meetings;
  • maintain public relations;
  • disseminate results and work on capacity building;
  • control financial issues directly associated with the school;
  • coordinate scientific reports.

The main responsibility of the coordinator is to streamline the internal and external communication, e.g. by assisting the students in the organization of workshops and seminar series, as the contact person during the application procedure and by keeping the website up-to-date.

The council comprises all principal investigators of the school. The council nominates a selection committee responsible for the selection of fellows. Supported by the selection committee, it suggests the allocation of the fellows to individual supervisors and projects. The council will be chaired by an elected person, who will also be a delegate on the executive board.

In addition to their representation in the executive board, the PhD fellows are actively involved in the organization of regular seminar series, guest lectures and thematic workshops, thus playing an active role in the graduate school.