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Application Guide

General Information

These guidelines are meant for Geo.X postdoctoral researchers who wish to apply for Geo.X seed funding. Please read them carefully in preparation for your application.

  • Applications that are not completed by the time of the deadline will not be considered!
  • Applicants must hold a PhD degree and show independent research experience. 
  • Applicants must involve colleagues from further Geo.X partner institutions for joint collaboration. Ideally, interdisciplinary research approaches will stimulate geoscientific cooperation with other scientific disciplines.
  • Applicants who receive Geo.X seed funding must acknowledge Geo.X financial support in their proposals. For this, please use the Geo.X logo and acknowledgement, which can be downloaded under the following link:

    Geo.X acknowledgement: "This contribution was financially supported by Geo.X, the Research Network for Geosciences in Berlin and Potsdam"

Application Procedure - Online Application Form

All sections of the online application form must be completed and submitted by the deadline in order for your application to be considered. Fill in all mandatory fields (marked in red) and upload the required documents (see below for a list of required documents). Please upload all your documents as one single PDF document. Free conversion into PDF documents is possible e.g. via Foxit Reader ( or LibreOffice (

You will need to complete the application form in a single session - the form will be cleared when you log out. Therefore, please prepare all required documents before starting to fill in the application form. However, it is your responsibility to check if your application and materials meet the requirements before submission. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.

In the case of severe technical problems with the online form please contact us.

Required Documents

OrderRequired materials
1Description of the planned project (max. 1 page)
2Curriculum Vitae incl. publication list
3Letter of recommendation
4Confirmation of co-funding

Please submit documents No.1 - No.4 as a single PDF document less than 10 MB in size!

Document 1: Description of the planned project

The short description should not be more than one page and should explain your ideas and outline the proposed research project. This includes the colleagues from further Geo.X partner institutions participating in the collaboration.

Document 2: Curriculum Vitae

Your CV should be between one and two pages long and list the dates of your education together with your personal academic history. It should include academic credentials, publications, contributions or other significant achievements.

Documents 3: Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation from faculty members or others well acquainted with your academic work are required. This should be part of the main PDF document in the application form.

Documents 4: Confirmation of co-funding

The funding provided by Geo.X comprises a researcher position according to the German TV-L E13 for a 3-month period. The applicant Geo.X partner institution is expected to provide funding of at least an equivalent amount. The confirmation letter for co-funding should include the following elements:

  • Letterhead of the Geo.X partner institution
  • Subject: Geo.X Seed funding for the promotion of early career scientists

    Applicant: ...
    Planned Project: ...
    Funding Program: ...

  • Proposed text:
    We strongly support the application of <name of applicant scientist> for the Geo.X seed funding mentioned above and herewith confirm that the < applicant Geo.X partner institution> will provide co-funding in the form of a researcher position according to the German TV-L E13 for a 3-month period. Employment for the whole contract period will take place according to the conditions of the <applicant Geo.X partner institution>.
  • Signature(s) of authorized person(s)


Geo.X Head Office

Dr. Hildegard Gödde
Lisa Rheinheimer