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ECS Representatives Elections

January 31st, 2019 @ the next Get-Together!

This is your chance to actively stand up for the Geo.X ECS section: get involved, boost networking and improve career development opportunities for you and the Geo.X ECS group!

We are looking for volunteers for the next term, from spring 2019 until summer 2020, to officially represent the Geo.X ECS section and to attend 3 consecutive Geo.X steering committee meetings!

Candidates please contact us at early-careers@geo-x.netuntil January 15th, 2019.

The ECS Team
(Sarah, Teo, Jacob & Lisa)

Geo.X Early Career Scientists (ECS) Section

The newly established Geo.X Early Career Scientists (ECS) Section is composed of doctoral candidates and postdocs working in the field of Earth sciences and related research disciplines within the Geo.X network. The purpose of the ECS Section is to provide a platform:

  • to create networking opportunities for junior geoscientists in Berlin and Potsdam,
  • to foster the exchange between young scientists across all Geo.X partner institutions,
  • to discuss current issues of geoscientific research and related fields,
  • to provide an opportunity to present and discuss their projects,
  • to distribute interesting and informative content for members of the section.

We focus on providing a networking platform enabling the communication between young scientists working at different universities and research institutions of the Geo.X network. To support networking activities and foster interinstitutional exchange self-organized workshops, conferences and social events will be held in the future at varying locations in Berlin and Potsdam. During this meeting members shall be encouraged to present their research projects and foremost shall be given an opportunity of benefitting from a cooperative exchange of ideas. The meetings will provide a platform for open discussions on current developments in geoscientific research and a wide range of topics that are of particular interest for early-stage researchers. 

At the desire of the Geo. X ECS members for more transparency and accessibility in terms of finding new projects and research possibilities, this event was organized and focused on improving the knowledge base on German/international funding agencies, scholarships, eligibility criteria and tips for optimizing the application process.

At Geocampus Lankwitz, the presentation was held by Dr. Dirk Wenske, who generously explained the steps of an application process, the people targeted by funding agencies, conditions for obtaining certain grants and many more.

The event was a successful experience, because it brought together a large number of young researchers who were curious and eager to explore the German and international spectrum of possibilities, in order to fulfill their personal and professional development. An important topic brought about by some ECS members was the need to improve family policies, especially in the case of international mobilities or fellowships. Another key topic was the need to decrease the bias of funding opportunities towards postdoc grants and to cover the entire spectrum of phd/postdoc.

Following the presentation, the ECS members gathered at a barbecue organized by the Geo.X, where they could share their thoughts, ideas and questions. While many researchers were very happy to meet new ECS members, some ECS members wished for more interaction between young researchers and decision makers such as principal investigators, professors and funding agency employees. The need to organize regular meetings and maintain the "pulse" of the young interactions was also mentioned by some ECS members, who wish to optimize exchange, in order to develop project collaborations and write joint publications.

On the other hand, social media also plays an important role to actively maintain and increase the Geo.X network. At the request of ECS members, a better promotion of the Geo.X Slack channel is currently planned.

Overall, the event broadened the horizons of young researchers in terms of exploring funding opportunities, optimizing the application process and finding the grants that fit each person’s needs and qualifications.

We, the Geo.X team, hope to see you at the events coming up!

ECS - Representatives

The ECS Section is currently headed by Dr. Sarah Cichy und Teodora Enache. Their main task is to support the interests of the ECS in the steering committee of the Geo.X network. The ECS Section is additionally supported and mentored by Dr. Jacob Hardt

If you would like to get involved or have any further questions, please contact us at 

ECS - Vertretung im Geo.X - Steuerungskreis 

Dr. Sarah B. Cichy

Uni & GFZ Potsdam

After completing her PhD in experimental petrology at the Leibniz Universität Hannover (2011), Sarah has spent 2.5 years as a Postdoc in France followed by a 2-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at Arizona State University, USA. Since September 2016, Sarah is working as a Postdoc at the Universität Potsdam, while managing the Joint Geo.X High Pressure Laboratory for Geomaterial Sciences at the GFZ Potsdam. Her main research interests focus on magmatic and volcanic rock forming processes.

Over the years, she has learned that it is important and necessary as a researcher to get actively involved in science management as well. But unfortunately, early career scientists (ECS) have often been neglected here. Thus, she is keen on using the unique opportunity given by the Geo.X community in representing her peers in the steering committee and making sure that ECS interests will be heard and taken into account during discussions and decision-making processes.

Teodora Enache

Universität Potsdam

Teodora's story in Germany began with the desire to improve her German skills and the resulting decision to come to Berlin for a one-year volunteering service. After this enriching experience, she started a PhD project related to remote sensing techniques for analyzing floods and droughts in the Owamboland, northern Namibia.

She participated in a US AID project in Burundi, where she worked as a facilitator responsible for capacitating the local communities in regard to the Millennium Development Goals. Furthermore, she participated in international youth projects in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia and Sweden, which were revolving around topics such as youth empowerment, ecological awareness and European citizenship.

At the same time, she is a freshman in the Geo.X Young Academy, where she is trying to get involved and leave her fingerprints as much as possible. For instance, she organized a meeting with the Young Academy members, in order to improve contact-making and networking in a friendly, informal setting. Although being still new, enthusiasm, solidarity and ambition are some "ingredients" she thinks will help her comprehend and improve the planning of Geo.X; to ensure it offers opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.

Career Development programs of Geo.X partner institutions

An outline of available offers in Berlin/Brandenburg (Einstein foundation):


Career Development program of TU Berlin:


Career Development program of HU Berlin:


Career Development program of U Potsdam:


Career Development program of FU Berlin: