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2nd SULU Workshop "SeisComP3 for data handling and analysis"

When: 12.05.2015, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr: 

The training workshop is basically structured for a preparatory morning session in which SeisComP3 is introduced, the services available at the DCs and how to configure a basic system acquiring real-time and archive data from GEOFON as well as from a local disk. Another focus is on how to run playbacks through the data in archive, how to manually review locations and some hints on how to tune the system to the local/regional scale. Based on the number and interest of the participants there is still room for changes and modifications.

A draft agenda is:

  • SeisComP3 overview
  • Configuring a basic SeisComP3 system with GE real time acquisition, archive and processing
  • What is inventory? How adding stations to SC3 system, …
  • Importing mini-SEED files from a local disk or from a remote Data Centre into the SeisComP3 archive
  • Exchange data and metadata among the participants using standard web services running on SeisComP
  • SeisComP3 tuning for local/regional earthquake processing
  • Playback mini-SEED files from a SeisComP3 archive to detect events and populate the local event database


Weitere Informationen zum Workshop sind nur nach vorheriger Anmeldung einsehbar.