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Workshop on Source Parameter Estimation

1st Geo.X Advanced Seismology Thematic Workshop

When: March 4, 2014 
Where: GFZ Potsdam, Room A19, Telegrafenberg

Earthquake source parameter comprise different levels of complexity. Point source parameter as seismic moment, centroid location and moment tensors, are often required first steps of more evolved characterization of ruptures, as kinematic or dynamic rupture models.

The workshop aims to bring together PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists working in the field of earthquake source parameter estimation. To spread information on ongoing and planned work, exchange of knowledge and expertise, and the possibility to identify lines of cooperations for future projects. The workshop purpose is to inform on existing and currently developed tools for earthquake source studies. The workshop will focus on seismological and methodical aspects, and not very much on interpretations. Presentations on homegrown or applied external software tools are welcomed. The introduction of projects with an interpretational focus, which require the use of established methods or which have already employed these methods, is also encouraged.

  • 2-3 “review talks” with time for discussion.
  • 5 min presentation and poster session
  • subgroup or plenary discussions


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