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Klaus Tschira Boost Fund Supporting Researchers in the Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science

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You are a scientist and want to make your research more flexible?

The "Klaus Tschira Boost Fund for researchers in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science" supports you with independent funding.

You are a representative of a university or non-university research institution and want to support excellent scientists in their research and career?

Then draw attention to the "Klaus Tschira Boost Fund for researchers in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science ".

Application deadline: 18.11.2018


The Klaus Tschira Boost Fund supports excellent scientists by accelerating careers and making research more flexible.

We do this by:

  • granting independent funding to enable the realization of independent, innovative, riskier, andinterdisciplinary projects,
  • supporting the development of (international) cooperation and networks,
  • providing support and advice for professional and personal development.

The program aims to support scientists during the beginning and middle stages of their careers (postdoc, junior research group leader, junior professorship, tenure track, etc.). We support scientists in the natural sciences, mathematics, and computer sciences at universities and non-university research institutions in Germany.


It is possible to apply for grants of up to € 80,000 for a maximum funding period of two years. Grants can be generally used for all types of costs (e.g., staff, material and travel costs). The grantees have the opportunity to receive career development coaching by the GSO. The coaching can be carried out together with the interim/ final report.

Depending on the length of the funding period, an interim report has to be prepared after one year and a final report at the end of the funding period. The reports contain the documentation of the use of funds with a brief explanation.

In addition, the scientists have the opportunity to be part of the alumni network of the German Scholars Organization and Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation. The network is funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung and will focus on:

  • Leadership & Career Development
  • Science Communication & Advocacy
  • Projects & Collaborations.

The network enables an intensive exchange of know-how and experience, the promotion of own projects, peer mentoring as well as access to various counselling and training possibilities.


Applications are open to public universities and non-university research institutions in Germany. The approved funds may only be drawn through the universities or non-university research institutions. The funds should be freely available to the scientist and used in accordance with the submitted plan. The use of funds must be proven to the GSO (in the interim and final reports, respectively).

The application must be endorsed by the university or non-university research institution. These statements must confirm that:

  • the proposal has the support and approval of the universities’ / institutions’ leadership and
  • the position of the scientist is financed over the funding period, and access to basic researchinfrastructure are guaranteed.

The cooperation should be highlighted in media and press reports.

The application must include (see guidelines):

  1. Project plan including costs and time frame
  2. CV of the scientist
  3. Letter of motivation from the applicant
  4. Statement of the university/ non-university research institutionApplications must be submitted electronically to the GSO only. Please use the electronic application form. A guideline for the application is available for download.

Applications are selected through a multi-stage review process with external and internal reviewers. We ask for your understanding that applicants do not receive differentiated individual feedback on the selection. There is only feedback regarding successful funding or non-funding.

A legal claim to funding does not exist.

Application deadline: 18.11.2018