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Geo.X Young Academy Talk Series from GFZ - German Research Centre for Geosciences

  Scientific Talks

Date: Friday, 2nd of October 2020, 3:00 p.m.

Venue: Due to the current situation it will be held as an online event via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 962 4729 1461
Password: 485810

Host: Rebecca Rolph (AWI), on behalf of the Geo.X Young Academy

Speakers: Geo.X fellows presenting their work, details on topics below

Presentations (order may change):

Joanne Heslop

Title: MicroModel: Microscale controls on greenhouse gas production from thawing permafrost

Description: The two commonly used approaches for estimating greenhouse gas production from thawing permafrost carbon are experimental and modeling studies. However, emissions estimated using experimental versus modeled approaches diverge due to models not fully capturing the complexities and interactions present in natural systems. Examining microscale controls on greenhouse gas production, including microbial processes and their nteractions with carbon cycling dynamics, can aid in reconciling these differences. This talk will present some preliminary results from research combining laboratory (incubations, microbial and organic matter characterization) and modeling (geochemical rate models and Bayesian probability analysis) approaches to measure greenhouse gas production. 


Thilo Wrona:   

Title: 'Deciphering fault network evolution in continental rifts through deep learning analysis of geodynamic models and seismic data'

Description: 'Continental rifting is a fundamental process in plate tectonics, where continental crust is stretched, while faults and fractures initiate and grow. In this project, we explore the growth of these faults by integrating geophysical data and geodynamic models using machine learning techniques