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Geo.X Young Academy Talk Series from Alfred-Wegener-Institute Potsdam (AWI)

  Scientific Talks

Date: Friday, 4th of December 2020, 3:00 p.m.

Venue: Due to the current situation it will be held as an online event via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 962 4729 1461
Password: 485810

Host: Rebecca Rolph (AWI), on behalf of the Geo.X Young Academy

Speakers: Geo.X fellows presenting their work, details on topics below

Torben Windirsch

Title: Impact of Large Herbivores on Arctic Ground Carbon Storage

Description: Ground warming and hence decomposition of organic material in the Arctic are highly depending on vegetation type and snow cover. These characteristics can be alternated by utilizing large herbivorous animals, which could help reducing natural Arctic carbon emissions.


Becca Rolph

Title: Model development of Arctic shoreline erosion

Description: Arctic coastlines are increasingly vulnerable to erosion due to warmer temperatures destabilizing frozen cliffs and reduced protection of sea ice cover resulting in bigger waves, especially as ocean freeze-up is delayed further into the fall storm season.  We have coupled a storm surge model to a simplified physical model of erosion from a partially frozen cliff and beach. This is a first step towards a parameterization of Arctic shoreline erosion for larger-scale earth system models which are not able to resolve the fine spatial scale (0-40m) needed to capture shoreline erosion rates from years to decades.


Simeon Lisovski

Title: Using big data to understand climate change effects on arctic breeding birds


Description:  It is about the use of satellite images to get to local and regional changes of remote areas and link those to ecological pattern aiming to quantify the consequences of climate and global change.