Catherine Abon

Project with GeoSim

‘Radar-based Rainfall Retrieval for Flood Forecasting in a Mesoscale Cathcment - the Philippines’

Hydrology and Climatology group, Institute of Earth and Environmental Science, Potsdam University; Supervisors: Axel Bronstert (UP Hydrology) and Ralf Kornhuber (FU Berlin).

Thesis defended on 10.11.2015


GeoSim career support grant

1st author publications

Abon, Catherine Cristobal, et al. "Evaluating the potential of radar-based rainfall estimates for streamflow and flood simulations in the Philippines." Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 7.4 (2016): 1390-1405.



Walter Acevedo

Project with GeoSim

'Towards Paleoclimate Reanalysis via Ensemble Kalman Filtering, Proxy Forward Modeling and Fuzzy Logic'

Institute of Meteorology, Freie Universität Berlin; Supervisors: Ulrich Cubasch (FU Meteorology), Katja Matthes (Uni Kiel) and Sebastian Reich (UP Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 08. June 2015

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Mathematics, Potsdam University

1st author publications

Acevedo, W., Cubasch, U., Reich, S. & Matthes, K. (2013): Forward modeling of tree-ring width chronologies from the Spanish Pyrenees using VS-Lite model. TRACE – Tree Rings in Archaeology, Climatology and Ecology, 11, 56-59, Potsdam. DOI: 10.2312/GFZ.b103-13058.

W. Acevedo, S. Reich and U. Cubasch, Towards the assimilating of tree-ring-width records using Ensemble Kalman Filtering techniques, Climate Dynamics, DOI: 10.1007/s00382-015-2683-1 (2015).

Acevedo, W., Fallah, B., Reich, S., and Cubasch, U.: Assimilation of Pseudo-Tree-Ring-Width observations into an Atmospheric General Circulation Model, Clim. Past Discuss., doi:10.5194/cp-2016-92, in review, 2016.



Nico Becker

Project with GeoSim

'Großskalige Sekundärzirkulationen im regionalen Klimamodell COSMO-CLM'

Institute of Meteorology, FU Berlin; Supervisors: Uwe Ulbrich (FU Meteorology) and Rupert Klein (FU Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 12.01.2016

1st author publications

Becker, Nico, Uwe Ulbrich, and Rupert Klein. "Systematic large‐scale secondary circulations in a regional climate model." Geophysical Research Letters 42.10 (2015): 4142-4149.



Camilla Cattania

Project with GeoSim

'Improvement of aftershock models based on Coulomb stress changes and rate-state dependent friction'

Section 2.1, GFZ Potsdam; Supervisors: Sebastian Hainzl (GFZ 2.1) and Frank Roth (GFZ 2.1).

Thesis defended on 04 December 2015


GeoSim career support grant

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University

1st author publications

Cattania, Camilla, et al. "Propagation of Coulomb stress uncertainties in physics‐based aftershock models." Journal of geophysical research: Solid Earth 119.10 (2014): 7846-7864.

Cattania, Camilla, et al. "Aftershock triggering by postseismic stresses: A study based on Coulomb rate‐and‐state models." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 120.4 (2015): 2388-2407.

Cattania, C., and F. Khalid. "A parallel code to calculate rate-state seismicity evolution induced by time dependent, heterogeneous Coulomb stress changes." Computers & Geosciences (2016).


Nawinda Chutsagulprom

Project with GeoSim

'Ensemble based filters dealing with Non-Gaussianity and Nonlinearity'

Supervisors: Sebastian Reich (UP Mathematics) and Peter Nevir (FU Meteorology).

Thesis defended on 16.09.2016



Juliane Dannberg

Project with GeoSim

"Dynamics of mantle plumes: Linking scales and coupling physics"

at Section 2.5 Geodynamic Modelling, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. Supervisors: Stephan V. Sobolev (GFZ) and Volker John (WIAS).

Thesis was defended on 27.04.2016

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at <a href=> Texas A&M University</a>

1st author publications

Dannberg, Juliane, and Stephan V. Sobolev. "Low-buoyancy thermochemical plumes resolve controversy of classical mantle plume concept." Nature communications 6 (2015).

Dannberg, Juliane, and Timo Heister. "Compressible Magma/Mantle Dynamics: 3d, Adaptive Simulations in ASPECT." Geophysical Journal International (2016): ggw329.

Christoph Glawe

Project with GeoSim

'Numerical modeling and analysis of breaking gravity waves using the One-Dimensional Turbulence model'

Institute of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Freie Universtät Berlin; Supervisors: Heiko Schmidt (BTU Cottbus) and Rupert Klein (FU Mathematics).

Thesis was defended on 25.02.2016

Current position

Bosch R&D, Stuttgart

1st author publications

Glawe, Christoph, et al. "ODTLES simulations of turbulent flows through heated channels and ducts." TSFP DIGITAL LIBRARY ONLINE. Begel House Inc., 2013.

Glawe, Christoph, et al. "XLES Part I: Introduction to Extended Large Eddy Simulation." arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.04930 (2015).

Glawe, Christoph, et al. "XLES Part II: From Extended Large Eddy Simulation to ODTLES." arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.04938 (2015).

Øystein Thorden Haug

Project with GeoSim

'The Effect of Fragmentation on Gravitational Rock Movements'

Section 4.1, GFZ Potsdam; Supervisors: Matthias Rosenau, Onno Oncken (GFZ 4.1) and Rupert Klein (FU Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 10 July 2015


GeoSim career support grant

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo

1st author publications

Haug, Ø. T., Galland, O., Gisler, G. (2013): Experimental modeling of fragmentation applied to volcanic explosions, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, Volume 384, Pages 188-197.

Haug, Øystein Thordén, et al. "Modelling fragmentation in rock avalanches." Landslide Science for a Safer Geoenvironment. Springer International Publishing, 2014. 93-100.

Haug, Øystein Thordén, et al. "On the energy budgets of fragmenting rockfalls and rockslides: Insights from experiments." Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121.7 (2016): 1310-1327.



Christopher Irrgang

Project with GeoSim

'Characterization of oceanic signatures in the Earth’s magnetic field in view of their applicability as ocean model constraints'

Section 1.3, GFZ; Supervisors: Maik Thomas (GFZ 1.3) and Rupert Klein (FU Berlin).

Thesis submitted: 21.02.2017

1st author publications

Irrgang, Christopher, Jan Saynisch, and Maik Thomas. “Impact of variable seawater conductivity on motional induction simulated with an ocean general circulation model.” Ocean Sci. 12 (2016): 129–136.

Irrgang, Christopher, Jan Saynisch, and Maik Thomas. "Ensemble simulations of the magnetic field induced by global ocean circulation: Estimating the uncertainty." Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 121.3 (2016): 1866-1880.

Irrgang, Christopher, Jan Saynisch, and Maik Thomas. "Utilizing oceanic electromagnetic induction to constrain an ocean general circulation model: A data assimilation twin experiment" Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (2017). IN REVIEW.


Iskander Muldashev

Project with GeoSim

'Modelling of the great earthquake seismic cycle'

Possible clustering of great earthquakes is perhaps one of the most exciting and mysterious problems in geophysics. Distribution in time of the largest earthquakes during observational period of about 100 years shows two domains of increased release of seismic energy. In my project to check possibility of clustering, I plan to model great earthquakes in the global Earth model.

Section 2.5, GFZ; Supervisors: Stephan Sobolev (GFZ Section 2.5 ) and Volker John (WIAS).

Thesis submitted Dec. 2016


GeoSim career support grant


Antonia Oelke

Project with GeoSim

'Estimating Reflection Coefficients: Theory and Application to Microseismic Waveform Data'

Department of Geophysics, Freie Universität Berlin; Supervisors: Serge Shapiro (FU Geophysics) and Ralf Kornhuber (FU Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 29.11.2016

1st author publications

A. Oelke, D. Alexandrov, I. Abakumov, S. Glubokovskikh, R. Shigapov, O. Krüger, B. Kashtan, V. Troyan and S. Shapiro (2013), Seismic reflectivity of hydraulic fractures approximated by thin fluid layers. GEOPHYSICS, 78(4), T79–T87. doi: 10.1190/geo2012-0269.1

A. Oelke O. Krüger, S. Shapiro (2014), Modeling Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media, DGG 74. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Geophysikalischen Gesellschaft, Karlsruhe, Germany. MI.- 2.001.



Malte Ritter

Project with GeoSim

'Growing Faults in the Lab: Design and Application of a New Experiment to Study Deformation Processes in Laboratory Scale Models'

The interplay and temporal correlation of strain weakening and strain localisation at the scale of entire faults and fault networks in the Earth's crust are still not well understood. We aim to adress this issue by a combined approach using analogue sand-box models and numerical distinct-element models.

Section 4.1, GFZ; Supervisors: Onno Oncken (GFZ 3.1) and Ralf Kornhuber (FU Mathematics).

Thesis submitted March 2017

1st author publications

1.      Ritter, M. C., Leever, K., Rosenau, M., & Oncken, O. (2016). Scaling the sandbox—Mechanical (dis) similarities of granular materials and brittle rock. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 121(9), 6863-6879.

2.      Ritter, M. C., Leever, K., Rosenau, M., & Oncken, O. (2016): Supplement to: Scaling the Sand Box - Mechanical (Dis-) Similarities of Granular Materials and Brittle Rock. GFZ Data Services.



Lisa Schielicke

Project with GeoSim

'Scale-dependent identification and statistical analysis of atmospheric vortex structures in  theory, model and observation'

FU Berlin, Metrology; Supervisors: Uwe Ulbrich (FU Meteorology), Peter Nevir (FU Meteorology) and Rupert Klein (FU Mathematics).

Thesis submitted on 26.10.2016

Current position

Independent scientist (Werkvertrag) at FU Berlin under the supervision of Dr. Ingo Kirchner & part time employee at EGS.

1st author publications

L. Schielicke and P. Névir (2011), Introduction of an atmospheric moment combining Eulerian and Lagrangian aspects of vortices: Application to tornadoes, Atm. Res, 100, 357-365.

L. Schielicke and P. Névir (2013), Comprehensive analysis of tornado statistics in comparison to earthquakes: intensity and temporal behaviour, Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 20, 47-57., doi:10.5194/npg-20-47-2013

Schielicke, Lisa, Peter Névir, and Uwe Ulbrich. "Kinematic vorticity number-a tool for estimating vortex sizes and circulations." Tellus A 68 (2016).



Shaoyang Li

Project with GeoSim

'Geomechanical modeling of earthquake cycles in the north Chilean seismic gap'.

Section 4.1, GFZ Potsdam; Supervisors: Onno Oncken (GFZ 3.1), Ralf Kornhuber (FU Mathematics) and Marcos Moreno (GFZ 3.1).

Thesis defended on 8 June 2016


GeoSim career support grant (12 months)

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at GFZ section 4.1

1st author publications

Li Shaoyang, et al. (2014), Splay fault triggering by great subduction earthquakes inferred from finite element models, Geophysical Research Letters, 41, 385-391, 2013GL058598.

Li Shaoyang, et al. (2015), Revisiting visco-elastic effects on interseismic deformation and locking degree: a case study of the Peru - North Chile subduction zone, JGR-Solid Earth, 120, 4522-4538, 2015JB011903.

Li Shaoyang, et al. (2017), Postseismic uplift of the Andes following the 2010 Maule earthquake: Implications for mantle rheology, Geophysical Research Letters, 44, 1768-1776, 2016GL071995.



Christian Molkenthin

Project with GeoSim

'Sensitivity studies in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA).'

Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Potsdam; Supervisors: Frank Scherbaum (UP Geophysics) and Sebastian Reich (UP Mathematics).

Thesis submitted in Oct. 2016

1st author publications

Molkenthin, Christian, et al. "A study of the sensitivity of response spectral amplitudes on seismological parameters using algorithmic differentiation." Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 104.5 (2014): 2240-2252.

Molkenthin, Christian, et al. "Sensitivity of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Obtained by Algorithmic Differentiation: A Feasibility Study." Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 105.3 (2015): 1810-1822.

Molkenthin, C., Scherbaum, F., Griewank, A., Leovey, H., Kucherenko, S., & Cotton, F. (2017). Derivative‐Based Global Sensitivity Analysis: Upper Bounding of Sensitivities in Seismic‐Hazard Assessment Using Automatic Differentiation. Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America.



Elvira Mulyukova

Project with GeoSim

'Stability of the Large Low Shear Velocity Provinces: Numerical Modeling of Thermochemical Convection'

Section 2.5, Geodynamic Modelling, GFZ; Supervisors: Bernhard Steinberger (GFZ 2.5) and Volker John (WIAS).

Thesis defended on 9 October 2015

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at Yale University

1st author publications

Mulyukova, Elvira, et al. "Survival of LLSVPs for billions of years in a vigorously convecting mantle: Replenishment and destruction of chemical anomaly." Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 120.5 (2015): 3824-3847.

Elias Pipping

Project with GeoSim

'Dynamic problems of rate-and-state friction in viscoelasticity'

Department of Mathematics, FU Berlin; Supervisors: Ralf Kornhuber (FU Mathematics) and Onno Oncken (GFZ 4.1).

Thesis defended on 10 December 2014

1st author publications

Pipping, E., Sander, O., and Kornhuber, R. "Variational formulation of rate- and state-dependent friction problems” Z. angew. Math. Mech. 95.4 (2015): 377–395 DOI: 10.1002/zamm.201300062

Pipping, E., Kornhuber, R., Rosenau, R., and Oncken, O. "On the efficient and reliable numerical solution of rate-and-state friction problems”  Geophys. J. Int. 204.3 (2016): 1858–1866 DOI: 10.1093/gji/ggv512

Pipping, E. "Existence of long-time solutions to dynamic problems of viscoelasticity with rate-and-state friction”




Sanjay Singh Bora

Project with GeoSim

‘Regionally Adaptable Ground-Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs) for Seismic Hazard Analysis’

Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Potsdam; Supervisors: Frank Scherbaum (UP Geophysics) and Sebastian Reich (UP Mathematics)

Thesis defended on 6 January 2016


SSA best student presentation award 2013, 2014

Current position

Postdoctoral researcher at GFZ section 2.1

1st author publications

Bora, Sanjay Singh, et al. "Fourier spectral-and duration models for the generation of response spectra adjustable to different source-, propagation-, and site conditions." Bulletin of earthquake engineering 12.1 (2014): 467-493.

Bora, Sanjay Singh, et al. "Development of a Response Spectral Ground‐Motion Prediction Equation (GMPE) for Seismic‐Hazard Analysis from Empirical Fourier Spectral and Duration Models." Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 105.4 (2015): 2192-2218.

Bora, Sanjay Singh, et al. "On the Relationship between Fourier and Response Spectra: Implications for the Adjustment of Empirical Ground‐Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs)." Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (2016).



Klaus Vormoor

Project with GeoSim 

'The changing role of snowmelt- and rainfall generated floods in Norway under climate change - observations, projections, uncertainties'

Hydrology and Climatology Group, Institute for Earth and Environmental Science, University of Potsdam; Supervisors: Axel Bronstert (UP Hydrology), Sebastian Reich (UP Mathematics) and Deborah Lawrence (external, Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate).

Thesis defended on 27.10.2016

1st author publications

Vormoor, Klaus, et al. "Climate change impacts on the seasonality and generation processes of floods–projections and uncertainties for catchments with mixed snowmelt/rainfall regimes." Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 19.2 (2015): 913-931.

Vormoor, Klaus, et al. "Evidence for changes in the magnitude and frequency of observed rainfall vs. snowmelt driven floods in Norway." Journal of Hydrology 538 (2016): 33-48.



Johannes Wagner

Project with GeoSim

'Earth materials and processes on a molecular scale'

GFZ; Supervisors: Sandro Jahn (Univ. Köln) and Sebastian Reich (UP)

Thesis defended on 14.11.2016

The mineral garnet is one of the major phases of the Earth's mantle, particularly in subduction zones. Its ability to preserve geochemical signatures over geological timescales makes garnet an ideal proxy for processes in the deeper Earth, for precise dating of metamorphic processes or for modelling rates of subduction. The knowledge of what really controls element incorporation into garnet on the molecular scale is still lacking, thus prohibiting us from exploiting this minerals full potential. Experimental setups that resemble the extreme conditions of the Earth's mantle are challenging and often difficult to interpret. In our project, we use first principles simulation methods that are based on quantum theory to model element incorporation into garnet. This approach enables us to study processes leading to element partitioning directly on the atomic scale. With this knowledge, we will contribute to improve macroscopic models of garnet growth that are already being developed.

Current position

Academic consultant for the DAAD in China

Jana de Wiljes

Project with GeoSim

‘Discrete-continuous non-stationary methods of time series analysis of coupled economics and climate processes’

Institute of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Freie Universtät Berlin; Supervisors: Rupert Klein (FU Mathematics), Illia Horenko (Uni Lugano, CH) and Maik Thomas (GFZ 1.3).

Thesis defended on 1 December 2014

Current position

postdoctoral researcher at Potsdam University


 J. de Wiljes, A. Majda, and I. Horenko. An adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo approach to time series clustering of processes with regime transition behavior. SIAM Multiscale Model. Simul., 11(2):415–441, 2013.

Olga Zakharova

Project with GeoSim

'Analysis and modeling of transient earthquake patterns and their dependence on local stress regimes'

Supervisors: Sebastian Hainzl (GFZ 2.1) and Matthias Holschneider (UP Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 7 December 2015

1st author publications

Zakharova, O., Hainzl, S., and Bach, C. (2013): Seismic moment ratio of aftershocks with respect to main shocks, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 118(11), 5856-5864.

Zakharova, O., Hainzl, S., Lange, D., & Enescu, B. (2017). Spatial Variations of Aftershock Parameters and their Relation to Geodetic Slip Models for the 2010 Mw8. 8 Maule and the 2011 Mw9. 0 Tohoku-oki Earthquakes. Pure and Applied Geophysics, 174(1), 77-102.

Natalia Zamora

Project with GeoSim

'Tsunami hazard analysis in Central America with emphasis to uncertainties'

Department 2.5, GFZ; Supervisors: Andrey Babeyko (GFZ 2.5) and Matthias Holschneider (UP Mathematics).

Thesis defended on 14 January 2016

1st author publications

Zamora, N., Franchello, G., Annunziato, A (2014). Validation of the JRC tsunami propagation and inundation codes. Science of Tsunami Hazard 33(2):112-132.

Zamora, N. and Babeyko, A.Y. (2015). Tsunami threat from local seismic sources along Costa Rica. Natural Hazards 30 (2)




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