2. September 2017@EUREF-Campus Berlin Schöneberg| Symposium: Consciousness and Climate Change

On occasion of the 23rd UN-Climate Change Conference, you are warmly invited to join us in an interactive afternoon.

Jayanti Kirpalani
is the Main Representative and Speaker for the Brahma Kumaris to the UN in Geneva and specifically at the UN Climate Change Conferences. Sister Jayanti is BK Director for Europe & the Middle East.

Moderator and Speaker: Dr. Thomas Bruhn, Physicist, Senior Researcher at the IASS Potsdam, co-leading the project AMA (A Mindset for the Anthropocene) and investigating co-creative processes in the project Co-Creation & Contemporary Policy Advice.

Climate Change is urgently calling for a transition in our life styles. We have gained more and more information about the complexity of the interdependencies between nature and the environment and we even see results in resolving climatic change effects, i.e. through the use of renewable energies. However, all the knowledge and technological possibilities are revealing a level of insufficiency or inadequacy. This is partially due to unacceptance or prolonged times needed for their implementation. Indeed at times they are unable to bring about the expected effects or even create new problems!

For many it is already obvious: A continuous, societal transformation also relies essentially on a change in our consciousness.
During the symposium we will include keynote issues from very different perspectives to highlight the way forward in our sharing.

o How can we develop sustainability in our consciousness, specifically in the focus of societal transformation?
o What are the indicators of a consciousness which nurtures sustainable decisions and actions – in contrast to a prevalent materialistic and fragmented way of thinking?
o How can such a consciousness and life style be supported?
o What contribution can contemplative thinking or meditation bring to strengthen collective action for a sustainable, societal transformation?

Moderation: Dr. Thomas Bruhn, IASS; Carolin Fraude, Brahma Kumaris
Organizer: Brahma Kumaris; www.eco.brahmakumaris.org
Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Potsdam;

Event-Language: Englisch

Registration: berlin@de.brahmakumaris.org; T.: 030- 88 69 89 49

Venue: Green Garage, EUREF-Campus, 10829 Berlin

Mittwoch, 23. August 2017, Termine & Veranstaltungen